The BIG C Word…

Let’s be honest, COVID-19 has definitely affected everyone mentally and physically. It has no doubt put a massive strain on peoples’ lives with some resorting to unhealthy behavior such as drinking way too much, eating and over indulging, and just being all-around unmotivated.

That’s why, in our opinion, there’s no better time than now to put your health first. Why? Because YOU are in control! Unlike everything else going on in the world right now, one thing you can control is your own body.

Accountability is another huge one too! Having somebody keep you accountable can definitely help keep you on track and motivated through these difficult times. They say a habit is created after 42 days, hence why we call our program #Fitin6 — six weeks equals 42 days!  Taking the power back by incorporating healthier choices, someone to keep you accountable can boost all around overall health physically and mentally. 

Fit in 6 Tips

Setting out your gym wear for the next workout
FaceTime workouts with a friend or loved one
Trying something new outdoors such as snowshoeing skiing
Have set meal prep days - Sunday / Wednesday
Podcasts or motivational audiobooks while you work out is a great tool to keep focused
Buying a Fitbit or Apple Watch to help track calories, steps & heart rate

Another, enough water throughout the day is key. If you’re not drinking enough water you’re likely to snack more or become hungry. It’s no help that we have to usually wear masks all day so getting your water intake can be difficult.  I like to fill up my giant 4 L jug of water mixed with lemon juice that way I can visibly see if I have drinking enough or not.

Packing enough food and healthy snacks are always important! If you don’t own a cooler bag I definitely suggest getting one as being prepared wherever you go is key to staying consistent. This way you’re not tempted to just get unhealthy fast food on the go.

Here’s a list of healthy choices to snack:

  • Hummus and veggies
  • Rice crackers and avocado
  • Celery and peanut butter
  • Cannonballs
  • Banana and peanut butter
  • Cashews
  • Almonds
  • Popcorn
  • Sliced apples and nut butters

Even though the the big C word is still out there, take control of your health and life. You only have one body to live in for the rest of your life so you might as well make it an epic one! 

Let’s get you on track and creating that healthy habit. #Fitin6 

Love H & T