Progress over perfection

I know we have heard it all before strive for progress not perfection…

This is absolutely true! I believe too many times people set out for these amazing goals however some are super unrealistic and usually end up crashing and burning in the end this feeling poor about themselves and the cycle repeats again.

The biggest question I get us all the time is how many days a week do you work out and how do you motivate yourself to work out?

Answer is simple I’ve created a habit and I strive for progress not perfection.

Life happens there’s always going to be some hurdles that come up unexpectedly, events, work you get sick, kids .. so on and so on.

The key is not to shut down and get down on yourself if your goal of going to the gym every day it doesn’t get met.

Strive for progress if you can make it to the gym or work out or eat healthy for three days and prior to this you only did one well that’s progress chat might not be every day but it’s better than you were before .

Little by little day by day it gets easier ! Don’t get down on yourself and create that habit!!

Here’s my biggest tips:

Buy a day timer or use your phone to implement what days, what time and where you’re going to be working out, that way you know it set an in your schedule

Set your workout clothes where it’s easy for you to see them or you know you’re going to be using them.

If you can’t make it work out because of life don’t get down re look at that day timer and plan the next time you will.

You have this! Shut down the negative talk in your mind and move on!!