Program: Weights 101


What is Weights 101?  Whether you are just starting out, you are starting again, or looking to bump up your routine this workout plan will improve your physique and fitness level.



In this new program we will take you back to basics mastering form and technique and teaching you how to choose the appropriate weights. Every 2 weeks you will continue to adjust those weights with higher volume and intensity, adding different moves, to keep that body guessing.

Our goal is by the end of each weeks you will be ready for the next challenge and seeing those results.

Your program will be formatted into a split format training focusing on one major group muscle each workout. We want you to learn to love lifting weights and see how your body transforms over 6 weeks.

What You’ll Receive

  • Access to 6 weeks of Weights 101 program
  • Live cooking with Heidi Cannon to learn healthy recipe ideas
  • Live bonus workouts with either Coach Heidi or Tonia
  • Access to the private Facebook page to join the community and stay motivated with people on the same fitness journey with you
  • Chances to win prizes for the biggest transformation
  • Format for printable PDF that you can take to the gym

All You Need

  • Free weights
  • Resistance band
  • Mini loop band

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