Program: Building From Basic


We are going to go back to basics and show you how to build on those moves and become lean, strong and confident.

You will always have your basic 5 moves and each week work on mastering those moves along with constantly changing your reps to keep your body always progressing.



This weight based program is all you need to reach those goals. You will focus on one muscle group each day and gradually increase your reps to keep that body guessing and changing. You will learn functrional, strength-based moves to learn the basics and take you to advanced – all in one program.

We want to teach you the principles of weight training but more importantly make you fall in love with how weights can change your body and make you fall in love with fitness.

Take this program anywhere with you and in anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour let us build that muscle together.

All You Need

  • Free weights
  • Mat
  • Platform or step


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