Program: Boomin’ Booty


Hey guys Heidi Cannon here, I am so excited that you have decided to join me in my Boomin’ Booty program.  I cannot wait to see your progress in six weeks and what we can accomplish together.  All you need is your body loop band and a timer.  You can work with me 10-40 minutes a day and achieve the glutes you have always wanted.



The glutes are among the largest and most powerful group of muscles in your body, they aid in proper pelvic alignment, help in supporting the lower back and aid and prevent knee injury.  

I wanted to create a program that targets all 3 parts of your glutes to make you as strong as I can and give you your glutes you have dreamed of.   

This program offers 5 full days a week working your glutes in all the planes of motion and give you the rounded full glutes you have always wanted.

Done in the comfort of your own home with a loop band and a timer you can choose 1-4 rounds a day based on your fitness level. Work with me to achieve your goals, and achieve those strong rounded glutes your have always wanted while achieving proper strength and function.

All You Need

  • Booty band
  • Light weights
  • Timer

Program Sample Footage


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