Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

This is a common phrase that can be heard in gyms across the country. For some people, the phrase makes sense. In the heat of the workout I know things are going to be hard. I know my muscles are going to burn. I know it’s going to be hard to breathe. I know I’m not going to be uncomfortable trying to work out better, harder, or longer! Thus the phrase “Getting comfortable being uncomfortable “directly translates to my goals. I know I need to approach all of my workouts (or try to at least) my best 100%

But what if your goal ISN’T definitively laid out or you don’t know your goals? Why do YOU need to get comfortable being uncomfortable? What if your goal is to just stay healthy? Isn’t the fact that you come in every day enough? You’re moving… why push it? Why is it important for you to be uncomfortable in your own workouts?

To answer that question, you may have to revisit the original reason you started fitness. Regardless of your goal, most of us found Fitness because we were looking for something that would get us results, some sort of change in our current routine. But, like anything in life, it’s what you put into it that is going to directly effect what you get out of it. Walking into a gym and simply going through the motions of a workout is not going to yield the results you’re looking for. If you’re constantly working at the same rate and doing the same movements, it’s going to yield the same results.

The idea of pushing your personal limits to an uncomfortable level Is the very foundation of what we strive to do at the gym every day regardless if you’re an athlete or not. By using functional movement, combined with strength training, flexibility and cardio. All of these components make the program a very well rounded program

So what does it mean to be uncomfortable? It does not mean that we need to be puking after every workout or that we should try to hit Personal records every day!! What I mean by “uncomfortable” is pushing for one more rep when all you want to do is stop and rest. Uncomfortable can mean going for another round even though it might mean you fail. Uncomfortable is aiming to keep moving even though you’ll be a bit out of breath. It simply means continuing to move faster and go heavier even when you don’t want to.

So why should you get comfortable with being uncomfortable? Because success is not a goal, it’s bi-product. It turns out that being uncomfortable is what gets results.