Don’t start with Unrealistic Expectations

If your big fitness pledge is to hit the gym five times a week when you’ve had little to no prior experience working out, you’re most likely going to fail.

Start small and work your way up. Instead of committing to five days a week, start with two.  On those first few days, go through the motion and get a feel for what you are going to do, don’t overwhelm yourself.

Your first goal should be to leave that workout wanting more. You can use this as motivation fuel for your next visit, and continue building the habit to the point where you can’t wait to get your next workout in.

Even short-term fitness goals require complete lifestyle changes.

While it can be helpful to have an exact goal motivating your work, the motivation should be from who you are and what you truly want, not something you’re looking to avoid like working out to look good in a swim suit.

Think about fitness as working out to feel healthier and be able to participate in summer activities.

Find what you enjoy, and form your workouts around that.

There’s no exact way to stay fit, it’s all about understanding your excuses and obstacles  to fitness, and challenging them.  Of course, if it were easy, everyone would be the fittest versions of themselves, but the key to staying committed to fitness goals is finding your sweet spot and what motivates you to continue in your fitness journey.