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Heidi Cannon

WBFF USA Bikini champion, multi cover fitness model with a massive love for fitness, posing & cooking clean.

My name is Heidi & I want to inspire you! I’m a firm believer that hard work does pay off!

In 2010 I was prepping for my wedding I hired a personal trainer to help me get in my best shape before my big day. Little did I know I would become so hooked on the fitness industry! Fast forward to 2020, where I have been on countless magazine covers, earned many sponsorships, and inspired people everywhere. With a little dedication anything is possible! It didn’t come easy. I had to put in the hard work but it definitely paid off!

Join my group of like-minded individuals to help transform you into your best self — mind and body! Just like working out, life is what you make of it.

Tonia Penner

My name is Tonia Penner, I am a proud mother of 4 and a certified personal trainer.  Unlike my cousin I grew up not being super active or in any sports.  I never really even thought about working out or food until I had my fourth child.  I remember looking at myself and thinking what I have I done.  I didn’t feel like myself I didn’t look like myself, I had been so caught up in being a mother that I had put myself on the back burner.  As all you moms know after you finish everything you need to do in a day the last thing you have the energy for is a workout.

My cousin at the time was just starting to compete in fitness competitions and asked me if I would be interested in doing one with her.  I thought this is it, I need a goal so I gave myself 1 year.  I signed up for the personal training course and wanted to know everything I could about fitness and the body.  The “WHY” behind what I was doing.  A year to that day I stepped on stage and placed 6th in my first figure competition.  To be honest I already won before I stepped on the stage,  I had finished what I wanted to do I had found myself again.  I realized that doing something for myself made me a better mom, wife and friend.  I am not going to tell you it was easy at times, but I will tell you it was worth it!!!  I have been honoured to continue learning from that day on and have achieved 20 certifications in fitness and nutrition, and am currently taking my kinesiology degree.  If I can be some small part of helping a women, a mom, a wife feel amazing, proud of themselves, to find themselves again, I AM IN.  Nothing brings me more happiness than seeing people hit their goals and realize that success isn’t about the number on the scale but rather feeling strong, powerful and unstoppable.

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