10 Seasonal Activities for Fall Fitness

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year!  It’s also one of the busiest times of year with so much to do in the fall!  Here are some fun fall activities that can double as a workout!

1. Raking Leaves – Raking is no one’s favorite part of fall, but it is one of the best workouts you can get in the fall!  While the leaves colors are turning, it’s time to get those muscles burning!

2. Apple picking – You could spend hours walking through an apple orchard trying to find the perfect apples!  Not to mention, once you burn all those calories, you have a bushel of apples to make into healthy recipes!  Here are some of the amazing health benefits of apples!

3. Gardening – While most people think of gardening as a spring activity, in the fall is when those gardens are ready to be harvested and prepped for next year.  Fall is the time to plant those bulbs for next year!

4. Picking from the Pumpkin Patch – Walking the pumpkin patch will help you burn off extra calories.  Pick a big one for added weight lifting, although not too big as to cause injury.  Keep your back straight and lift with your knees!  And don’t just use those pumpkins for carving Jack-O-Lanterns, make some fall pumpkin recipes and enjoy the incredible health benefits of pumpkins too!

5. Football – Playing a game of touch football is a fun way to get some exercise with the whole family!  Not to mention the fine motor skills, teamwork, and numerous other benefits playing sports has for kids!

6. Hiking to view foliage – What could be better than spending some time to take in the beauty of the fall season while getting in a good workout.  Connecting with nature has a calming effect on the mind.  It’s important not to overlook the mental health benefits of Autumn as you strive to improve your overall wellness.

7. Biking – If you’re looking for a higher intensity workout, instead of hiking, try biking!  The long winter is approaching so this might be your last chance to take that bike out for the season.  What better way to take in more of the beautiful sights of Autumn in a shorter period of time?

8. Corn Maze – The corn maze is a staple of the fall season, and a great way to get exercise without even realizing it.  Think of all the calories you’ll burn as you aimlessly wander around the maze looking for a way out.  Just don’t get lost.  Or do, and burn some extra calories in the process!

9. Nature Scavenger Hunt – Turning your nature walk into a fall scavenger hunt for the kids is a fun way to get them moving and enjoying nature!  Here are some ideas for what they could collect on their scavenger hunt!

10. Trick-or-treating – Collecting all that candy might not seem like a healthy activity, but think of all the walking you are doing!  The kids rack up the candy while you rack up the miles!

Source: Community Care